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"He's got millions of kids to read ... Now R.L. Stine is going to help you teach them to write."

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Dear Educator,

As I travel around the country meeting students, so many children tell me they want to be writers. At the same time, teachers often tell me that their students - even good students - lack the skills and confidence to write clearly and well.

In this age of computers and instant information, the ability to express oneself in writing is of paramount importance. And as many educators have pointed out to me, a greater writing facility often leads to more facility in reading and to overall school success.

That's one of the reasons I started the R.L. Stine Writing Program in my hometown, Bexley, Ohio - a program where professional writers come into the schools and work on writing with children.

Now, with the help of Parachute Publishing and HarperCollins Publishers Inc., I am introducing THE NIGHTMARE ROOM WRITING PROGRAM, a classroom kit about writing - available free of charge to teachers everywhere.

When I visit schools and talk to kids, they all ask the same questions: Where do you get your ideas? - and what do you do when you can't think of anything to write? There is no doubt that kids ask these questions because they are looking for help when they sit down and confront a blank page.

All of the activities and techniques I've included in this kit are designed to help students get over their anxiety about writing. I hope that working with this material, they will learn that everyone has access to many ideas - and that no page or computer screen needs to stay blank for long.

I hope your students find this kit fun and helpful. As many readers know, I scare kids for a living, but I want them to know that when it comes to writing, there's nothing scary about it!

Have a Scary Day,


Download your free classroom kit.
Printable Nightmare Room writing paper!

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